You’d think if you work in a call center you would understand fast food workers

So before I head to work I stop by a Wendy’s and there’s about 4 girls who just ordered their food so they get rung up and then I order. So just like the title says they work in the same building I do I knew because I seen their ID’s but anyway

This girl apparently gets mad that her order hasn’t came yet and it’s been about 8 minutes since she ordered. I though she would be a decent person and ask for a update on her food.

Boy was I wrong she yells at the cashier saying she is on her lunch break and the foods taking too long to come, so the cashier says she can’t control how fast her coworkers cook the food. Then this girl just snaps calling her a bitch and saying this is poor customer service and calls for a manager.

Finally at the end somehow I ended up getting my food first and got death stares by all the girls then finally they got their food and left.

I don’t understand how you work in a call center where you have to deal with bullshit customers everyday but then act just like them to fast food workers. Fucking ridiculous how hard is it to be a decent human being

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