Surveys are the worst.

Some people are petty. They’ll be mad at your company and rate you like shit.

I work in a call center for loans. We give options for what you want your APR to be. You apply and sometimes you don’t qualify for what you want.

On a deferred loan you almost always have a high APR.

I got rated a zero because they opted for a deferred interest loan and got a high APR. The comment was “Trash company. High APR with excellent credit.” My note on the account outlined that I discussed the deferred interest and I personally always explain that with deferred, the APR is higher.

That was my only bad survey and despite getting 25 excellent surveys, it’s really frustrating seeing how one negative mark can throw me into a lower incentive bracket.

I’m not sure how other call centers are but surveys are a huge factor for our bonuses.

Being a jerk because you’re dumb and taking it out on me and affecting my bonus is shit.

I’d love to hear anyone else’s major vents about surveys or how your company handles surveys.

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