When a "computer professional" isn’t very professional…

Decades ago when I did tech support for a company which made sound cards and game controllers, I went into the support email queue and grabbed some emails to work on (SOP if we were not on a support call). There was one where I don’t remember the exact details but he needed help with a game controller; it was short on specifics but long on emotion, and it ended with this:


I waited a while to reply because I wanted to make sure I didn’t write anything terribly rude but when I did reply, I started by saying that as a computer professional he must be aware that he hadn’t given me enough information to troubleshoot the issue, and here’s the info that I would need in order to help resolve the problem…I even gave him my direct email address so he could bypass the support queue, mostly because I didn’t want anyone else on my team to get stuck with this guy.

I didn’t get a reply back immediately, and then I saw the email address again in the support queue a couple of weeks later. I grabbed it (I figured I may as well take one for the team since I grabbed it in the first place) and fully expected him to be yelling at me because we never fixed his problem (you know, the one that he never got back to me about when I asked for more info)…

Instead, it was an apology from the sysadmin of the company that he’d sent the original email from!

It turns out that the company was so small that they had a single email address and all incoming emails were received and distributed by the sysadmin – and since it was our standard policy to leave all parts of an email conversation intact, the sysadmin got to see the entire conversation.

The sysadmin apologized for the employee’s behavior and said that the person in question would be re-trained on the proper use of email.

I printed out the entire exchange and posted it on our bulletin board.

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