Tax season in the U.S.

I work in HR and we’ve been getting slammed with calls about their W-2’s No biggie we were told they’d be available on 1/31

Conversation goes as follows (btw I had spoken to the employee the day before):

Me: says my opening

Employee: excuse me! I’ve been given the run around and nobody seems to tell me anything, when are the W2’s going to be available

Me: Hello I’m sorry to hear you’ve been given the runaround, I remember speaking to you yesterday and telling you they will not be available until the 31st where you told differently?

Employee: No, but you’ve sent out the W2’s by the 26th religiously for the past years

Me: I understand but this time our payroll partners have advised they will be available on the 31st

Employee: This is unacceptable it’s been the 26th every year

Me: it’s the 23rd but I know what you mean, I can transfer you to the Payroll partners unfortunately they will tell you the same

She didn’t like that answer and hung up on me

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