Unmuting your mic won’t get me to acknowledge you’re listening to me.

Again sorry for format due to mobile.

T: third party contractor Me: me

Third party contractor: hi my client submitted an application and I’m inquiring about the information.

Me: sure! What’s the ID?

T: 123456789

Me: thank you can you please verify your company number, the applicants name and full address.

T: 1234567890, John Doe, 123 street road somewhere, state 01234.

Me: is there an apartment or unit number on the applicants address?

T: no

Me: ok I would need the address fully verified before I can proceed. Is the applicant with you?

T: no

Me: ok please either have the applicant call in to confirm address or get full address from applicant and give us a call back.

T: he has two apartment numbers. 1 or 2.

Me: ok thank you. We are still waiting a decision from our credit team, I’ll submit a request to notify them to review it. Would you like to hold and I check in or call back in 10-15?

T: mumbles ok bye have a good day

I want to note at this point the line went silent. That either means they’ve muted themselves or they disconnected and my system is delayed in acknowledging a disconnect so I take this time to fill out the form to send to credit. It takes about two minutes and the call was still there so when I submit it I spoke out

Me: T? Are you still with me?

I hear the phone gets unmuted because I can hear background noise but he never speaks.

Me: T? Are you still with me? I cannot hear you. Can you hear me?

T: fucking Christ lady I’m here!

Me: thank you so much for your patience. I got that form submitted for you. Would you mind holding?

T: sure.

How am I supposed to know you can hear me if you don’t respond then snap at me like it’s my fault?

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WHY DO I HAVE TO BEG YOU FOR INFORMATION??????????????????????????????

It kills me when callers rant and talk so much and then have the nerve to rush me when I’m trying to assist them.