It kills me when callers rant and talk so much and then have the nerve to rush me when I’m trying to assist them.

It happens all the time. Call comes in and customer is just ranting (sometimes about the complaint, sometimes about other things) and when I’m trying to figure out exactly how to assist them, they rush me, “I can’t stay on the phone too long”

I got a call recently from someone wanting to file a complaint against a taxi driver. The caller is in the middle of an argument with the taxi driver while also trying to tell me what’s going on. I’m trying to listen to get all of the important details for the complaint, trying to probe but the caller is just going back and forth, talking in circles, not answering my questions, and it’s annoying.

I finally gather enough info for the complaint, filling out the forms and dude says “my phones on 1% you think you could hurry up so I can get my complaint number” bruh. I’m not even gonna lie, just for that I was hoping his phone would die but it pulled through. I was actually impressed at how long that 1% lasted because while I didn’t slow down, I certainly didn’t pick up my speed when he asked.

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