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I work inbound tech support for a major ISP/cable/phone provider.

The other day there were a ton of calls coming in regarding a particular tv station that was having technical difficulties. As in, the actual 3rd party tv station, so regardless of which provider anyone uses to watch this channel, the end result will be the same.

Oftentimes people are grumpy when they call up and find out there is an outage, regardless of if its actually their service they get through us or an actual tv network having the issue. Thats fine, whatever. This one dude, tho…

Nothing especially over the top. Just him demanding that I fix it immediately, me reiterating to him that I cannot resolve this specific issue over the phone due to the fact that the issue isn’t with his cable service, its with the actual tv channel/network.

Him: “I don’t give a crap! YOU’RE gonna fix it RIGHT NOW!!!”

Me: (Repeats same thing I just explained to him)

Him: “I don’t pay channel XYZ for my service! I pay YOU! Do I pay channel XYZ for my service? Do i?”

Me: “No, sir, you dont”

Him: “Who do I pay for my tv service?”

Me: “Company name”

Him: So doesn’t that mean its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fix this???”

Me: (quick surprised pause) “No.”

Him (random garbled cursewords and insults) hangs up

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