I almost walked out, today was horrible

I work for an ISP. The ISP had an outage across the state. Name a town, it was a part of it. Not all channels were affected, just enough to have a very constant stream of “thank you for calling company my name is smokeyhorizons, are you calling about your cable? We’re having a state wide outage that techs are working quickly to repair.”

Now I’d wager 80% of people understood and hung up… 10% needed to have it explained to them again, and 9% wanted a refund.

Ohhh that last 1% though… This call was the one that almost made me grab my shit and walk out. Caller calls in from a rural area, part of a local reservation. They ask “why’s my cable out” I explain to them what’s going on. They ask again, “why’s my cable out” “as I said before, there is a state wide cable outage. It’s affecting towns across the state. Our techs are aware of the issue and are working on it” ” has anyone else called about it?” ” Yes several people across the state. That’s how the techs are aware of the issue, and how they know to work on it. “

That’s when my caller says ” nah, it’s cause your racist. You don’t like natives, you nazi, your the KKK. You only cut off the Rez. And you won’t give us new boxes”

Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve explained the same thing multiple times, told you theirs an outage, told you it’s across the state, from the top to the bottom from the left to the right, whole state… But no… Your so egotistical you’d think some random person from whole different part of the state then you has a vendetta out for you.

I hate my job. I’m so tired and depressed all the time.

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