Expecting beyond full service and can’t see you don’t do the same

A few minutes ago a recently installed Real Estate company wants us to come back and do all kinds of internal networking and wiring. We do not do this we are their internet provider. There are multiple businesses in town that handle this. First, the Secretary calls to explain what they want to be done this is well out of our contracted services. I let her know about the local business. One is actually right by them less than a block. She says ok. Call ends. I note the account move on.

5 minutes later the owner of the Real Estate company calls back asking the very same thing. I say “just as I told your secretary a few minutes ago that would be internal networking, what you do with your wiring and setup is up to you and a 3rd party should you wish to use one.”

He just said that doesn’t sound right we provide the service there but don’t set up everything and maintain it?

I said, “sir, does your company also move people out and into the new housing you sell”

“No, a moving company does that”… long pause. “Well it still just doesn’t seem right, I’ll check and call back later”

He ended the call. I noted the account. For what queue he will come in on, it will be me answering and the answer won’t change.

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