"This is a waste of time and don’t interrupt me."

Small story, but I still enjoyed it.

I work as a call router for an IT support company. We support servers, storage units, and laptops to name a few. I get a caller with a laptop issue who talks…very…slowly…and…repeats…I mean…says the same…stuff…over…and…over.

I am just a call router so all I can do it connect him someone else. Which I try to do, but he declines and wants to know my full name, my ID number, my department, etc etc etc b/c he has supposedly called in 6 times, is very angry, and wants to keep a detailed record of his calls. Of course, he gets none of that.Which he didn’t like. I try to explain that if he wants help then I need to connect him to an engineer, but he said “Don’t interrupt me young man. That is what we call very very rude. Do you talk to your mommy with that mouth?” He then proceeds to ramble nonstop for 30 minutes with no input from me. I mute my mic and let him go b/c interrupting people is rude. When he finally winds down and asks me what solution I can provide I tell him “Well sir as I said earlier all I can do is connect you to a laptop engineer.” He didn’t like this either, but I still transferred him. Sorry engineer.

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