The time someone threatened to report me to the police

So I used to work in a call centre in the UK for a well know alcohol brand that served its product on tap. The job was okay, I had a few shitty callers (I will admit, the first of which made me cry but hey ho, grow a thicker skin.)

Now we had three types of call outs: a no serve which was a 24 hour call out, a 48 hour call out for semi-urgent requests and a 7 day call out, for non-urgent requests.

I had a woman call me first thing, so I greeted her. “Good morning, this is Well Known Alcohol Brand, this is TheDevilObeservatory, how can I help?” She explained her tap was leaking, I advised her to disconnect it and I would get a technician out within 24 hours and all was well.


A few hours later (well within our SLA), I got a call from the same woman, chasing the technician. I’m the midst of me telling her I would put her on hold so I could call the tech, I heard the phone snatched out of her hand and all hell let loose.

Suddenly I have a man in my ear, effing and blinding all over the place, calling me a b!tch and a c*nt. I was so surprised all I could say was “oh, hello sir”. I let him rant at me a bit and tried to explain that I just wanted to put him on hold so I could call the tech to find out what time he was going to get there. Cue more effing and blinding. I told him, in my best customer service voice and language, that if he kept calling me names I would hang up on him.

Wow, was that a bad idea. Suddenly, he was “going to take this to the papers” and “report me to the police for being so disrespectful and out of order”. I tried to talk to him to explain that all I could do was try to call the tech, but he was having none of it and kept talking over me. Eventually, after he shouted at me and called me a c*nt again, I just calmly said “thank you for calling Well Known Alcohol Brand, goodbye”. And hung up.

Phoned the tech after I finished the call. Guess who was literally 5 minutes away?

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