When an entitled customer cost me £18k

I started work in my company in the call centre retention team, basically last chance saloon to keep the customers business before they go to a competitor. Because it’s soul destroying the bonuses for hitting target each quarter were insane. I’d hit 130% so was entitled to a 30% uplift as well…..provided I got an average score of over 8 out of 10 on the customer satisfaction surveys.

I had a customer call wanting to chat about her business account and phone bills. I suggested a mobile as free minutes, data and deposit for hand set. It was genuinely cheaper than the fixed services. During the talk she said she had cancer and wanted a discount. I didn’t believe h but wanted the sale so I gave her 3 months free and some accessories.

She took it and went away happy.

She called the next day to order 2 more phones, for her husband and daughter. I gave them to her minus the freebies and couldn’t believe my luck as our weeks target was only 2 mobiles (we are mainly broadband) so I was ahead for next quarter.

She calls about 3 weeks later- well past the cool off period wanting to return the used handsets and have her first bill and deposits all refunded. No bueno sorry.

She proceeds to send the attached pictures of her cancer riddled limbs to my company ceo, naming me as ripping her off and taking advantage of a dying woman.

She also received 3 customer surveys for me, one for each contact and scored me 0 on all, dragging down my average to below 8.

It cost me £18k.

I’ve since moved into a new role but I’m still bitter about it, I worked my arse off for those sales and got nothing to show.

Actually it won’t let me attach the pictures but they are very gory and graphic.

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