Can you tell me what paperwork I need to sue you?

Work at massive organisation I still work at so details are vague in areas on purpose.

Me : Hello this is Idioteva, how can I help you?

Customer: Oh Hi. I’m going to court and I need some paperwork so I was wondering if you could help me.

I didnt think anything at this point as we get plenty of calls needing paperwork as proof for just about everything under the sun.

M: That’s fine. What are you needing to go to court for so we can make sure we provide you the right paperwork.

C: Oh, I’m going to court on Monday to sue your company over X problem

I sat there dumbfounded for a few moments.

M: So just to get this straight, you called the company today to ask what paperwork you should take to sue us in court.

C: Yes. Is there anything you can get to me by Monday?

I’ve seen stupid stuff on calls but this is definitely in my top 5.

Me: I’m afraid that I can’t help you today. Firstly because its Thursday and any mail we do send will not arrive by Monday, but secondary I cant legally tell you what paperwork to bring to court to sue us.

C: But I don’t know what to bring

M: Do you know why you are sueing us?

C: Because of X reason

M: Then think of what paperwork you have around X reaaon you have and bring it.

The customer left after that and I was happy enough that I did help him technically from a customer service standpoint. I want bothered by at least giving him that level of help as many people unhappy with anything my company does, thier first reaction is if they say they will take us to court, they will magically get thier own way and rules suddenly change.

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