The Happiest Physiotherapist On Earth

Me- female, 30’s

C- client, male, 50’s (?), creepy

So, working for a nationwide health care network, that has stuff like physiotherapy, chiropractors, etc.

We ran ads, and booked folks in with the right service in their area. We made money when clinics paid us per new client.

Enter C.

Me- Good afternoon, JustANutMeg from [advertising company] here. I see you’ve expressed interest in seeing a physiotherapist in [town]

C- Is it you? You sound nice!

(Happens a lot, people assume I’m from the clients company, as that’s what’s listed on the ad)

Me- Thats kind of you to say, but no. I’m the Bookings Officer for…

(Cut off)

C- How much extra for a full service?

M- I’m not entirely sure what you mean, sir?

C- a Full. Service. But only if you’re pretty, of course

M- … I don’t follow

C- Well, a really great massage ends with cough a happy ending?

(Bloody hell)

M- Ah, well look, here’s the thing. Again, I’m not the physiotherapist you’d be seeing. And I doubt HE is licensed as a brothel.

(It’s illegal here unless it is)

He hung up, and my bets are on either embarrassment or gay panic

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I shouldn’t be charged for paying 2 weeks late.

Customer wants my help but also doesn’t want my help because she can’t trust me.