Customer wants my help but also doesn’t want my help because she can’t trust me.

The company I work for has extended hours, we have a smaller amount of staff available beyond business hours due to the time zones we service for.

I’m one of 4 people available and the only one fully trained and experienced in both collections and administration tasks.

Customer calls through (name Karen used to be generic).

Karen: my name is Karen and I want to know where my refund is right now because I have cancelled and I haven’t received my money yet!

Me: no worries I can check that out, can I get your mobile number to pull up your acc-

Karen: absolutely not I’m not giving you anything.

Me: I’m sorry but I’m unable to advise of any refunds if I can’t identify who I’m speaking with or even pull an account.

Karen: too bad I’m not giving you my mobile number, I want my fucking money back NOW! As I have cancelled my finance and was told I’d get a refund now where the fuck is it.

Me: well I-

Karen: give me my fucking money right now!

Me: yes well-

Karen: you fucking people better give me my fucking money back.

Me: please stop using that language as it’s not necessary but as I explained I need your mobile number to open your account.

Karen: no I don’t trust you, I don’t trust anyone, transfer me to someone who can help me!

Me: I can help you and I’m the only person who can but I need your mobile number.

Karen: you’re not fucking getting it!

  • customer terminated call –

  • 20 minutes pass –

Karen: I’d like my refund now.

Me: are you ready to give me your mobile number to find your account?

Karen: I will only give it to you ONCE because I don’t trust you, I don’t trust anyone!

The customer gave me her mobile, I advised of processing times and when it was sent. She demanded I email through the details of the refund. I did.

We got an email today to our Administration email address apologising for her behaviour because she does not trust anyone in the world. It was signed “Pissy Princess”….accurate.

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