I shouldn’t be charged for paying 2 weeks late.

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TL;DR at the end.

I work at a call center for a bank that mainly deals with fleet cards (fueling cards for businesses). We function similarly to credit cards, but only for fuel or vehicle related purchases. We pay upfront, they pay at the end of the month or whatever depending on their billing cycles.

This guy calls in, let’s call him X. I answer the call, typical getting and such. X starts talking in that slow drawn out ‘I don’t like something’ tone:

Me: “thanks for calling my name is … can I get your card/account number?” X: gives me the needed info to pull up account “Yeah, hi. I know my bill is due in like a week and I was just looking through the statement and noticed a $201.10 charge labeled as ‘Other Adjustments’ and I dug a little deeper and it’s showing as a late fee. Why on earth is this on my bill?”

So as per usual I go and look at the payments and what do I find? This dude paid 10 days past the due date.

Me: “Sir, I see here that finance charge was applied after not receiving the last payment for 10 days after the due date.”

I went on to explain the terms and conditions that applied to his account, the interest rate he agreed to, how we pay upfront and they pay at the end of their billing cycle, etc.

X: “Well, I don’t see why you guys need to charge me, it was only 2 weeks.”

Now I’m kind of taken aback by how much of an numb skull this dude is.

Me: “So you’re telling me that just because you’re 2 weeks late means that you shouldn’t get a finance charge on your account?”

X: “Yeah, I’ve been a long time customer and this is just absurd and a poor customer experience. Is there anything you guys can give me for being with you for so long?”

Dude had been with us for ~3 years, numerous late fees, etc. It took everything in me not to go off and say “So just because you’ve been using our services for a ‘long’ time means you should be able to pay us late?”

In the end I still denied waiving the fee because 1. It was 10 days late. 2. He was a complete and utter foolish pile of customer crap.

TL;DR Guy thinks that he shouldn’t get charged for being late since he’s used our services for ~3 years.

Anyways, have a good day/night/time of day.

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