Sometimes managers are dehumanised

I used to work for a large UK bank call centre. We’ll call them…Roy’s bank. Anyway, I found that when managers got to a certain stage they cared only about statistics.

Call comes through, we’ll call the man Peter for the sake of the script.

P- yes I’m wondering if you can help me I think I’ve been scammed

M- sorry to hear that let me see what I can do for you, why don’t you tell me what’s happened

P – well there are a few transactions there for £40 each that I think I was scammed into making

I check and sure enough there are some dating/porn website chat show transactions

M – ah yes I see them now, what happened that you believe these aren’t legitimate?

P – well I made them to buy credits to talk to these women who said they were very much interested in me and meeting up but every time I started to arrange a date I’d need to buy more credits to keep chatting and when I did they switched to another girl and I started again. It wasn’t seedy or anything they just seemed very in to my conversation and wanted to chat but looking now I think that’s to reel you in.

M – I’m sorry peter I’m afraid that wouldn’t constitute as a disputable transaction as you received the credits to chat which is what the transaction is for, it would be the same as gambling etc

P – I thought as much, not that you need to know it was just because my wife died last year and I thought the company might be nice so I naively kept buying.

Heartbreak for him. This 65ish year old man lost his wife and just wanted companionship. I talked to him for another ten minutes and even told him some free dating sites and websites he can meet people on and actually make new friends or more.

Guy gave me 5 stars on the feedback and said it made his day to have someone to talk to.

My manager criticised the length of the call and said it’s not my job to decide a dispute, I should’ve passed him through as soon as he said he wasn’t happy about a transaction.

That was the day I decided I didn’t want to work in a call centre anymore. 3 months later I left:

Call centre agents are patient angels. Call centre managers I believe lose empathy when they’re being judged on figures

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