Monday to end all mondays

I work at a call center in healthcare. I don’t have a lot of control over what I can do to help patients, but I do what I can and even bend the rules if I have to to go the extra mile and get people the care they need. I understand, healthcare is way too complicated, too expensive, insurance is confusing, clinics are understaffed. It’s not anything I can fix.

Today was rough from start to finish. I had two nice callers. Everyone else was rude, impatient, or yelled at me. I got hung up on, by someone who called me. I got threatened with a lawsuit for discrimination when I informed someone that her insurance wouldn’t cover her at a different clinic. I had someone of retirement age yell at me that all the doctors were younger than them, and the doctor who has a reputation for being super nice had an attitude problem. Someone else was far too important to not get an appointment immediately. Someone wouldn’t give me information to work with, and expected me to be able to help him accomplish an impossible ask.

It wasn’t just me. Everyone had a tough day. I try to stay cheerful, but it’s really hard to stay upbeat for each new call when it’s jerk after jerk. I actually like most of the people I work with, and I help people as much as possible, but I wanted to quit today. We’re allowed to walk away after tough calls, but only supposed to do that for a limited amount of time each day, and it’s not like I can walk away when we’ve got people on hold.

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