Verification isn’t that hard… well it shouldn’t be

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C: hi I applied yesterday and didn’t hear back

Me: sure no problem do you have an ID number by chance

C: no I don’t you did it for me yesterday

Me: oh I’m sorry about that we should have provided that to you. Would you like-

C: nope.

Me: I’m sorry about that. Would you like-

C: idk I just never heard back from the contractor and I don’t know what’s happening with this application

Me: I understand sir would you like me to-

C: can you search my account any other way? My phone number? Address?

Me: I can search by-

C: can you search by my name?

Me: silence

C: hello?

Me: sir?

C: yes…? silence

Me: I can search your full social.

C: well why didn’t you say so!

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