My sister, can I call her?

So, I used to work for a cell phone company (p-mobile) taking inbound customer service calls (billing support, lite tech support). And I got this call.

Me: Thank you for calling p-mobile, my name is “me” How can I help you today?

Cx: Yes I have p-mobile and my girlfriend has p-mobile. Can I call her?

Me: Of course, you can call her as much as you’d like, its important to stay in touch! ( back then we didn’t have unlimited minutes but calls in-carrier were free).

Cx: Okay good. My cousin, I like my cousin, he has p-mobile. Can I call him?

Me: As long as they are also a customer of ours you can call them without fear of overage charges!

Cx: Great! My Uncle, he’s a very good uncle, he has p-mobile. Can I call him?

Me: Yeah man, anybody who has p-mobile you can call for free!

Cx: This is good to hear. My sister, she was like a second mother to me, She has p-mobile, can I call her?

Me: …

This went on forever… He wasn’t angry just kinda layed back and soothing. I think we went through his whole family and he got relieved every time I told him it was fine to stay in contact with them. One of my favorite calls.

It wrecked my crt but was totally worth it.

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