The elderly in collections

I had a customer call in I could hear it in his voice that ( he was very elderly voice was very shaky ) so he called in wanting us to give him more time with his vehicle …… wanting an extension. I reviewed his acct and his payment history was terrible, terrible I wanted to cry for him ….. his account didnt meet qualifications.
Got back on the phone and told him hes denied and we need him to either return the veh or option to purchase . Mr old man , was very calm and understanding and because he was so kind ( my heart ached for this old man) My supervisor advised me to give him a verbal arrangement and so I did. I asked him if he had any family that can help him get to the dealer or help him with the process? He mumbled and I’m guessing he didnt. I felt really bad for my customer but I couldnt help him upon company policy.
At 80 years old he should be enjoying his retirement money and traveling at peace.

Why do I find more and more of my elderly customers going in terrible debt , reported to the credit,
Its because their grand children are using their credit to their advantage! Most of our elderly in our collections is grandmothers and grandfathers who co signed for their grand children and Their grandchildren are being irresponsible with their credit , dont make pmts , cars get repossessed, etc.

I just feel so bad for them…. I feel upset that their own families do this type of financial damage on them . The elderly shouldn’t be dealing with this. I’m very compassionate but I still need to follow protocol. But sometimes it gets to me .

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