Just left. It was my first job.

I put in my notice a while ago, but as I went into work today and saw the queue get larger, I got a rush of panic and decided to just leave. I was supposed to stay 20 working days more, lasted 13. My aversion towards the job got so bad and I’d been so anxious going into it, for a while.

I know it’s gonna be fine. But it was a big decision, and I feel a little guilty, too. I’m sure I will feel better in a couple days. I do dread going to interviews again, but there’s gotta be a job from me out there.

This time definitely not a call center, no matter what.

Hope you’re all having a great Saturday.

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It’s 11:30 PM…

I’m an idiot and should just *know* when a client has spelled their own name wrong.