It’s 11:30 PM…

cutedorkycoco: Hello there, customer. I hope you are having a fantastic week. 🙂 Thank you for chatting in with*retailer*. I would be happy to check into that order for you. 🙂

customer: Thanks

cutedorkycoco: Thank you for that order number. For your order security, would you mind verifying the first and last name and complete billing address on the order for me as well?

customer: *verifies*

cutedorkycoco: And this is for *item*, correct?

customer: yes

cutedorkycoco: Thank you for providing me with that information, customer. I see that this item is on backorder.

customer: how long is for 2 or 3 weeks

cutedorkycoco: I do see that you called in about this a couple of days ago and there wasn’t an ETA at that time. I’m still not showing any ETA and as it is 11:30, there’s no way to check with anyone to see if there may be one.

customer: I did order this 1/11

cutedorkycoco: I do see that. I also see that an email was sent on 1/15 informing you that the item was backordered.

customer: after I order


That does happen sometimes.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I know how frustrating it can be when what you are wanting goes on backorder.

As soon as the item is available, it will be shipped out.

customer: yes but how long this is not the answer

could be one year ??

cutedorkycoco: I would love to provide you with an answer but there is not an ETA in the system at this time. The manufacturer is currently closed as it is 11:30 PM EST so there’s not a way to call them to have them check.

I would recommend chatting back in during business hours and we can give them a call then. As of right now, there is no ETA and as per the email we sent regarding the backorder, the order will stay open until 2/13.

customer:The store should told me not to order if takes so long

cutedorkycoco: I can assure you that if we knew before the order was placed that this item would go on backorder, we definitely would have provided that information for you.

I understand how frustrating this is but occasionally items do go into backorder status when there is an issue with the inventory with the manufacturer. I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing. I wish that I could get you a more concrete answer. As I have explained, however, there is no one to reach out to at 11:30.

At this time the options would be to chat back in during business hours or if you would like, I can cancel this order and see if we have anything comparable that is available.

Of those two options, how would you like to proceed?

customer: OK thanks

for now wait couple more days and see



What new information do you expect me to get for you at 11 fucking 30 pm??? Who am I supposed to be able to call??? How many times do I need to tell you what the time is??? What part of it is late at night is not registering for you?!?!?!

Why the fuck do I love money more than I love my own mental health?

Signed, a dumb ass sitting here working chat OT until midnight and will be back tomorrow to do it again.

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