I’m an idiot and should just *know* when a client has spelled their own name wrong.

This morning a woman calls in that she needs to edit her reservation. I ask her order number but she said she never got an email with the number. I ask her name and she’s not in the system. I pull up all orders today for her city. Nothing.

She gets upset, is a grouch, huffs and hangs up.

After we’re off the phone I do a more thorough digging because the phones are slow. I can arrange orders by the date placed, so I combed through all of the orders created yesterday. I realize this person put an order in for 1/25/2021 and the name on the account was spelled terribly wrong. The email address section just had her last name, not a real email.

I call her back and wouldn’t you know, she’s not happy I figured out and fixed her mistakes, she’s mad that I didn’t realize this right away. Mind you the gap between getting off the phone and calling her back was less than 10 minutes. Humans. Bleh.

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