Poor Lady Looses Her Dogs. Hotel Looses Their Hearts.

I work in the Complaint Department(CD) for a particular hotel chain. We get all sorts of calls from all sorts of people, but none hit my heart the way this one did.

Please keep in mind, this is a short story, but it made me and my co-worker cry. If you are an animal lover, please take caution before continuing.

This poor lady(PL) was trying to fight back the tears when she called me. She told me that her dogs had found some uncovered wires under the sink and chewed through them. Neither of her dogs survived the accident.

I am an animal lover, as well as a kitty mama. My mother has 4 dogs, and I’ve grown up around animals my entire life. I lost my previous cat a few years ago, and my mom’s 5th dog passed away just over a year ago. Unlike her babies, my cat and my mom’s dog were old and already had one paw out the door. Hers were still young, and it happened so suddenly.

Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t see it this way. They evicted PL due to the damage to the room, basically adding insult to injury. My heart sank even lower, because I knew that the hotel technically does have the right to do so. Her dogs caused damage to the hotel, and if you damage the hotel, you are out.

However, I can not side with the hotel this time. Nope. No way. This was their fault, not PL’s.

They should have known that the wires were loose. That is a safety hazard, and I made sure to file her case as such. Just imagine if that had been a toddler. My boyfriend and I want to have kids, and just the thought makes my blood boil.

Even Co-Worker(CW) felt bad for her. CW doesn’t feel bad for anyone! I lovingly call her our resident b1tch, and she owns it. She always sides with the hotel, even when most people would side with the guest, but not this time.

I won’t be saying the name of the hotel for obvious reasons, but when CW says you should have a heart, there is clearly something wrong.

PL, if you are reading this, I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you what I wanted to over the phone. Sue. Sue them for negligence. Sue them for damages. Even CW wants you to, so listen to the resident b1tch and sue.

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