I work as a receptionist for a legal non-profit (free lawyers) … so you can imagine the calls I get.

Me: Hello, Legal Non-Profit.

She: I need those papers the hotline was supposed to send.

Me: Hotline? Did you mean the intake department?

She: No, the hotline you run.

Me: …

Me: …

Me: Legal Non-Profit doesn’t have a …. “hotline.” What kind of papers were you needing?

She: I called the hotline and she said she was going to send papers.

Me: What KIND of papers?

She: For custody and visitation. I called back the hotline but they don’t answer. Why don’t you answer the hotline?

Me: Because it’s not our hotline. I just Googled it and it’s with the State. It’s not affiliated with Legal Non-Profit at all. You need to call the hotline back.

She: But I need those papers for the court. The papers you can download from online?

Me: You can download them from website dot org, yes.

She: She was supposed to print them out and send them to me.

Me: Then you need to call the hotline back.

She: They don’t answer the phone.

Me: You have a file in our system, did you want to speak to the attorney you were assigned?

She: No, I want to speak to the woman from the hotline.

Me: Then you need to call the hotline. We’re not the hotline.

She: ….

She: …

She: Okay, then.

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