When the parcel doesn’t arrive for a few weeks, but instead of you contacting customer services you write a 1 star review on Trustpilot with The part never arrived!!!

I do answer Trustpilot reviews occasionally when my other colleague is not at work. This guy ordered a part on 03.01, that got shipped on 07.01 and he wrote a review on Trustpilot on 21.01 – The part never arrived!!!. According to the tracking they tried to deliver twice, but no one was there and it got delivered on 28.01 (yesterday). Yes, that sucks, we get it. But what do you expect us to do if you don’t call us to tell us about it?

Do customers believe that we manually check every order and every tracking just to see if there is an issue? I am confused. If I order something and it’s getting delayed I would contact either the sender or the courier to check.

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True story from today. 40 minute call from mentally ill woman and I could not reek her back.

I work as a receptionist for a legal non-profit (free lawyers) … so you can imagine the calls I get.