I used to work for a Cell Phone Company

I remember explaining to a customer two different issues;

Issue one:

Me: says opening

Customer: cut the crap, I’ve called you people several times about my phone and you refuse to replace it, you keep saying I have a warranty but I don’t care I want a new phone!

Me: I understand the frustration, but your phone is still under warranty and our technical support team has advised you several times to take the phone to your local store so that they can send it to us and we can inspect it to see what the issue is

Customer: I’m not doing that I want a new phone and I’m not getting off the phone until you send me one

Me: ma’am to better explain this to you if you got an apartment and a window is broken, the landlord is not going to give you a new apartment they will go in and fix it. Same with your phone we need to first try and fix it before we take further steps

Customer: well I own my home and this is a phone not an apartment

Issue two same customer

Customer: im paying for insurance so just file my claim and send me a new phone

Me: ma’am you are more than welcome to go that route however if you file a claim through the insurance instead of going through the manufacturers warranty, it won’t be free like it is now, you’ll have to pay a $150 deductible

Customer: Oh my God are you serious? It’s nothing but money with you people why am I paying $9.99 a month if I still have to pay a deductible

Me: ma’am it’s insurance, just like your vehicle insurance you pay a certain amount monthly, if you were to have an accident you will have a deductible to pay. The cost of the phone outright is over $750 and if you file a claim it will be a $150 deductible, however as I mentioned before, if you went ahead and took your phone to a local store it’s free, you will not pay anything and we can fix your phone.

Customer: This is a phone, not a car and this is Bull Sh** obviously you’re worthless get me a supervisor

The supervisor gave her the same options

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