Best clap back ever

This is not my story but i was privileged enough to witness it.

A few years ago i worked in a call center. I worked specifically in the escalations department so it was a daily thing to have to either give bad news to a customer or deal with their anger. I should also mention our clientele were retirees so the average age of our customers was about 68 and they had nothing but time.

Also note, my coworker was one of the most soft spoken and kind hearted people I’ve ever met.

I don’t remember the issue but she was having to deliver the bad news that thia guy wasn’t going to be getting a refund. She had been working with him on his issue for close to a month so this was going to be the resolution call.

The call started pretty easily, but we were all listening in because of the drama we knew was going to occur. The conversation was something like this.

C: I’m sorry to inform you sir but we won’t be able to process this claim.

C: Sir we don’t have X information necessary to process and even if we did it would be denied due to XYZ issues.

C: We never recieved the paperwork.

C: I’ve double checked what you sent and my supervisor has double checked what you sent, the paperwork isn’t here.

C: Your former employer would not promise you that without checking with us.


Our entire row burst into laughter. 3 of us had to leave and take a short break.

She was able to resolve the call and that became our favorite phrase to use when calling someone’s bs.

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