Sometimes, the callers break your heart…

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I work for a health insurance call center. My department tries to recover money if you got hurt in an accident. Insurees don’t always like it but the company would go bankrupt or the patient would have to pay more out of pocket (thanks America! /s). I get a call from a mom of the patient, who was a minor. I go through the medical coding that the insurance has flagged for a potential accident or injury. Background: what the insurance flags for a potential accident is mostly based on the body part you got treated. So I ask her what happened. I figured, because he was a young teen, it is was type of sports injury or kids being kids. It was not. She told me, but you could hear in her voice that she was very upset. I couldn’t quite make out exactly what she said so I politely asked her to repeat it as the phone quality wasn’t great. Her response broke my heart and I’m still thinking about it over 24 hours later. He was murdered. You could hear her start crying so I got the basic information I needed (do they know who did it? Is there a DA involved?) and I got off the call so I wouldn’t bother her more. It happened right before Christmas. She had to bury her son right before or after Christmas. All I wanted to do is give her a hug; instead, I passed along some condolences.

I looked up his name to see if I could fill in some more blanks to save time for the analysts who will have to work with the DA to get money back for the plan. This poor kid was playing video games in an apartment and was hit by a stay bullet in a drive-by shooting.

I think this call is going to be one of those that stick with me for a while.

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