Att: GM financial customers

If you are currently leasing a vehicle thru gm financial leasing…. Please stop calling in our phones YELLING,SCREAMING and belittling the agent whose trying to assist you. When you are nasty on the phone we refuse to take your verbal abuse.

I really wished we could have a good call flow but we dont because we have customers call in and tell us their whole life story (45 to 1 hour ) calls because the customer is crying ,and our agents trying their best to assist.

We are not your social workers Not your personal therapists or counselors.

Get to the main point of what’s upsetting you And let us resolve it .

Stop holding up the lines for personal problems that us a company have no control of please .


Hi , is Karen there?

No ! You have the wrong number .

Ok thanks.

We remove the phone number. Customer calls back ( WELL NOBODY CALLED ME)

Another advice: if you are leasing a vehicle: this is a rental lease ( borrowed property) which means theres a monthly fee every month .

Like an apartment lease like a rental car THERE ARE MONTHLY PAYMENTS PEOPLE.

We have MULTIPLE CUSTOMERS who go M.I.A who dont answer their calls who completely wipe off the map . They dont keep up with their payments.

The truck then gets repossessed

Then finally we hear from the customer There main excuses are: 1. Nobody called me to remind me that I have a payment

  • you are grown sir /ma’am you should know theres payments due c’mon *

Excuse #2 : well I had my payments set up on autopay ! That’s not my fault is your company’s fault!

  • no ma’am/sir you are a grown adult you should know your numbers * you are responsible to keep up with your own finances * we are not your accountants*

Excuse#3: customers who YELL SCREAM BELITTLE YOU TALK NASTY ON THE PHONE These are the ones who throw the nastiest tantrums on the phone to expect something free.

No …. not here.

We all have jobs to do , all I wish they could understand is

Just be responsible and be accountable for your own actions your own finances. Stop blaming stop the tantrums. Stop the suicide threats. If you are emotionally disturbed please get help but avoid calling any financial companies with your personal problems please Thanks

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