Today Brought Crazies Out of the Wood Work

When the day is quiet, and oh boy do I love peace and quiet, it seems to bring out the special cases I have to deal with, much to my detriment.

I had not one, not two, not three, but seven annoying calls…all of them emotionally drained me, to no end.

Caller 1, one of the worst ones: Couldn’t remember his e-mail to his old account that he deleted. Fails our security check.

So I advise him, as a more productive means, to have him e-Mail the list instead of what he was doing when he admitted it before I engaged: Constantly calling and harassing the line.

I don’t know what kind of drugs he was on, but “politely declining” an easy solution to his problem didn’t help him.

Result? Gets pissed when I do not confirm any of his details. Proceeds to keep me on the line for 10 minutes and can’t take no for an answer.

Caller 2: Calls about his account being hacked. It was his own bloody account he changed details on, and simply forgot them the moment he changed them.

Caller 3: Calls about purchases made to his account; claims her kid’s innocence. Nope, kid was lying and made purchases. Deets don’t lie. Pulls a Karen and demands a supervisor.

Caller 4 and 5: Same caller. Called the first time swearing up a storm, had to disconnect him after warning him. Second time was calmer, but started up after he refused the advice given.

Caller 6: Calls about unbanning his account, admitted I was the third person he called and practically begged repeatedly when I gave the same advice. Sorry lad, third times not the charm.

Caller 7: As if knowing we are closing for the day, people, just like in retail, like to call at the last minute. In their minds, “Hey! It’s still 1 minute left! I can just call and they can hold on the line for my self important arse!”

Proceeds to take forever to get to the point of his issue, throws a fit when advised to call tomorrow.


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