A friend of mine took a temp job at a call-centre during college….

Has anyone had to deal with perverts on the job?

My friend wound up working for the city ballet during their yearly ticket-subscription drive, selling season passes as well as individual tickets.

To fill the downtime between incoming calls, the employees were given a list of people who had been previous seasonal subscribers, and they were expected to call those customers up and pimp the new season’s ballets to them.

She called up a number that had a woman’s name, but the person who answered sounded like an elderly, mouth-breathing man. He wasn’t interested in the ballet, but he certainly was interested in her! “Oh, you’re a co-ed? Do you have a boyfriend? What are you wearing?”

She finally (and with great relief) managed to politely get him off the line. She hadn’t made a sale, but at least the creep was gone.

He kept ringing the call centre back over the next few weeks, asking for her, and perving on any woman who had the misfortune to answer his call.

Is this a common occurrence for employees in call centres? Do many customers lose their manners and inhibitions when they are anonymous and behind a telephone?

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