An interesting proposition….

Note: This chat was for one of the more high end car brands. If my tone seems short it’s because we deal with an excessive amount of scammers through our chats and I have 0 interest in indulging them.

Me: Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with today?

The Man with a Plan: How Does this chat Work? If I send A message for Sales how soon can they Receive it?

Me: They will receive it when we reopen in the morning. What would you like me to send over?

The Man: That’s perfect OK, My names name & I want to know if Ur company / high end brand is interested in combining to Make a jet With my Company I’m asking $300 Million and I can give you a finace breakdown Tuesday for the percentage

Me: For solicitations please contact the dealership directly at number. Is there anything else I can help you with?

The Man: This isn’t soliciting this is aircraft Um ya that you could relay the message so you don’t have access to give A advance for the project

Me: You can contact the dealership at the number above. Did you have any other questions?

The Man: Can you send an advance lol

I ended the chat.

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