That’s why you’re calling me!

I worked as an outbound call agent at this time. My task is to call local establishment like stores, restorants, salons etc. and ask them they hours of operation, other contact numbers they can be reached at and if they have parking available. The information I gather is for a website that shows directory listings.

One day, I was calling this paritcular shop and this is how our conversation went. Me = M / Shop Owner = S

M: Hi, I’m -name- calling for -directorywebsite-. I would like to just get some information for your shop’s directory listing.

S: Sure, ask away

M: –Proceeds to ask weekday hours and parking, and then I ask this– Are you also open during Sundays?

S: Yes, we are. That’s why you’re talking to me right now.

M: –Check calendar, and yes, it’s Sunday– Oh, thank you for confirming.

Then I blushingly ended the call. I always work during the weekend that Sunday feels like a normal day for me. But this is one of the most facepalm moment in my life.

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An interesting proposition….

“Just put in the algorithm!”