Don’t fall for the tears and drama

SoI had a call yesterday where a woman called in and had ran out of mobile data (work for a major telecoms network). After going through security I was going through her options for getting some more data and providing cheaper alternatives than just purchasing a one off add on.

Now, as I was talking through this I was looking at the history on her account and she had been getting free data over and over for the last 6 months and the official policy is that should only apply this once as a one off good will gesture. Sometimes people will bend the rules a small bit if the circumstances are appropriate but this woman had been ripping the arse out of it so there was no way I was offering any.

Anyway, after I gave her the options, the best of which would have worked out at £4 extra that month for 20GB she turns it down and starts giving me the story about how she only needs a small bit for her emails with her work etc. so could I please apply this add on.

I said no and left an instruction on the account for anybody else to do the same which is again the official policy for what you should do after applying the first data addon.

Well today I discover she has given me a zero on the survey and I went back into the account to check the notes and lo and behold she had called in 6 times after my call that day and 5 agents turned her down and repeated what I had offered but on the 6th she turned on the tears and said that I had back stabbed her by applying this note and the adviser ended up agreeing with her, removing the instruction and applying the data.

I know it’s a small thing but god damnit was I pissed off when I saw that and you best believe I added that god damn instruction back on to that account.

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