You won’t tell anybody, will you?

So I am taking payment from a customer and we have a system where you type your card number into your telephone keypad. I will still be on the line, but I can only see some of the card number.

They start typing and the first 5 digits don’t look right. Nearly every payment in my country card starts with a 4 or 6 and she typed in a 0. I asked the customer if they were sure they were typing in the right number.

‘Of course I am. Do you think I am stupid.’

Short pause and I ask if there is a problem.

‘How do you type in an L?’

‘You can’t because that isn’t used in payment card numbers.’

‘Oh no. I am holding the card upside down. I can’t believe how stupid I am do do that. You won’t tell anyone, will you?’

‘Of course, not.’ Just a one or two.

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