Odd, Odd Calls…

So today I’ve been getting really weird calls on this one phone line that’s usually just well meaning old ladies who get into tears of joy when you tell them there’s a free notebook or free postage on their order right? Today has been nothing like that… Everyone is either weird or angry weird.

One notable weird call I got was for an order for about nearly £40, a few pennies off. We give out free address books to any order over £40 so I decided to include it with this lady’s order.

Me: So we normally give a free address book with orders over £40, and your’s is £39.85….


Me:… So I’ve included one for free anyway! It’s close enough after all.

Customer: Okay…

Me, thinking she’s just kinda ungreatful compared to my usual customers which is fine: So I’ll just need your card details please!

Customer: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX ect.

Me: Okay wonderful thank you! That’s the payment gone through!!

Customer: Yeah…

Me: So… That’ll be with you in 5 to 7 working days!

Customer: Okay. Bye. hangs up

So that was one weird call of many (the others are less interesting but still weird). There’s one other really weird call I want to talk about.

Me: Company, Gaytor speaking, how can I help?

Person, with a heavy Scottish accent: Why ‘ave you sent me a’ email saying a’ order is on its wae to me?!

Me: Oh, have you not made an order then?

Person: NO!!

Me: Oh, it was probably that someone typed their email wrong when ordering online but I can check if there are any orders going to your address if you’d like? Person: There shouldn’t be!!!

Me: Yeah no I doubt there’ll be any but I’ll take your postcode to check alright?

Person: It’s XXX XXX

Me: Yup nothing to that address! Is there an address in the email?

Person: My address which is

Me: Ah well I’ll try looking for that in our system but there’s no delivery address then?

Person: Nooo! Just Company Email Do Not Reply! Why’s that?!

Me, after email search failed since it doesn’t work anyway: Oh that’s because it’s a automatic email system, if someone replied to it no one would be able to reply back. That’s why it’s do not reply.

Person: But why????

Me: Because… it’s just a system automated thing. No one mans that email. But I can confirm there’s nothing going to your address so it must’ve been someone putting a typo or what have you in their email when ordering, alright?

Person: There better not be anything comin’ tah me I haven’t ordered anythin’!

Me: Yeah no there shouldn’t be. I can’t fix the email on there account though unfortunately since I don’t have their address. Anything else I can help with however?

Person: Hmm, no. Thank you bye hangs up

So anyone know if there’s something in the air making old women weirdos?

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