Worst Customers Based On Occupation?

The post the other day about someone saying they are a lawyer got me thinking about trends we’ve probably all noticed from customers who say “I’m a ______” and they tend to be difficult to deal with. In my experience, those that say they are lawyers are usually the worst. But, what other “I’m a ______” type people have you found difficult to deal with?

I’m a manager now and haven’t been a front-line rep in about 4 years, but at my current place of work (health and well-being incentives company) we’ve noticed that teachers have been difficult. They will even call us or answer their phones DURING a class and then get mad because they have a class right now. I can’t fathom being in school and having my teacher make or receive personal calls during class.

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"No, YOU listen to me."

Not all escalation calls are bad.