Not all escalation calls are bad.

I have been working for a major telephone company for over a year now. They continue to promise me better shift options but they never happen (I have been a split shift worker since I started working for them with my shifts being from 6am- 10 and 4pm-8 which means I don’t get to see my kid 5 days a week and not by choice. These are the only shifts they offer me but when hired I was told it would be flexible and of my choice). Because of the major holiday sales they have extended my hours by 1h for each shift so I work an extra 2h a day with no over time and again not by choice.

Today during a call I was not energetic which has been my usual for the last 6 months, I said my bit and did my best to help. I chatted with customer (from this point forward labeled as cx) about issue and random stuff while I fixed the problem. Out of the blue cx asks “what’s wrong?” I was taken back because no matter how dull I sound no cx has ever noticed. I started off with the usual “nothing I’m fine just tired so here is what else I can do to fix the problem -” but cx was now focused on me. Cx felt it was poor customer service for me to ignore his question so I told him about my shift problem and not seeing my kid and he left it alone. I figured he was happy with my service, or so I thought until end of call when he asked for a manager. As per policy I was required to get one because he asked.

I have never loved a cx so much. Once a manager was on the line I went to excuse myself again as per policy but cx requested I stay and finish the call as he loved my work. Manager said “we don’t take positive calls this way you can write and email or fill out survey. This is only for complaints”
Cx- “this is a complaint. To this company and to you as manager. Do you know this agent worked her ass off for me today?! And if she put that much effort into my billing issue I can only guess what she does for other customers and you guys don’t let her see her kid!? What is wrong with this company! You should be rewarding your workers not punishing them! I am so disappointed with this company I will be moving my services else where and my family and friends to seeing as this company does not value family like it advertises.”
There was more but by that point my ears had shut off because I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I’ve always had customers say nice things to me about my work but I’ve never had a customer go to bat for me against a manager.

That customer gave me the best Christmas present, he showed that people still care about others.

I have to go back tonight for the rest of my split shift but that customer gave me some energy back. Not all escalation calls are bad.

What do you think?

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