Why doesn’t anyone speak American!!

So our call centre is based in Ireland and we deal with mostly American and UK callers. About a year ago when I was still taking calls, this guy rang up.

I opened his account and can see about 15 notes saying basically that this guy would call up and hang up after a few minutes out of frustration.

So he tells me the issue which is a simple fix and I start to explain what he can do to resolve it. He stops me and starts getting angry.

Him: I am so fucking sick of dealing with you folks.

Me: Sir, I am unsure what the problem is but please refrain from swearing or I will have to disconnect the call.

Him: Why dont any of you speak American. I’m sick of dealing with foreigners.

Me: Sir our customer support is based in Ireland and I speak the same language as you. I would be happy to help resolve this. It will only take a few moments.

Him: Nah fuck it. I’m just gonna delete my account. Bye.

I had a Quality manager listen to the call and she started laughing and now plays it to new hires as a joke in training.

TL;DR: Guy chooses to delete his account as our staff dont speak “American”. We are Irish.

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