Caller is a "Doctor" calling about broken crackers…

Some background information. I have not worked in a call center for over a decade, so while I still remember some specifics, I don’t remember them all. I do recall it was an incredibly busy day and we do not know why it was so busy. This also should have been a 3-4 minute call that took about 15 minutes.

Doc will be Doc, I will be OP, staff will be staff of the doctor.

OP: Thank you for call [company name], how may I help you today?

Doc: Yes, first of all I want to ask why it took so long for you to answer my call?

OP: I am very sorry sir, we are just incredibly busy today. I don’t know why there is a spike in calls. But I will gladly help you now that you finally got a representative.

Doc goes on for about a minute complaining how it should be at most a minute wait. Ranting and raving as I try to use transition phrasing to redirect Doc to the call flow. I tried to get his information but he said I can just call him doctor. So skipping over the information part I try and get the issue with the product.

Doc: I bought these crackers to make a tray for one of my staff who is retiring today and the crackers came back all broken. I am very disappointed as I expected whole crackers for the cheese tray but all I have is crumbs… (goes on for about another few minutes.

OP: I am sorry you have that experience with our product. I order to assist you I require some information from product. Can we start with the bar code please?

Doc: Well they are broken. I don’t know how that will help. It ruined the retirement party… (goes on for another minute)

OP: I understand sir. I need to report these issues to the manufacturing department so I require some information. Can we get the barcode please.

Doc: Well they are broken. There are other people that will tell you they are broken. I’ll have them tell you.

OP: I understand they are broken sir and I am sorry you had this experience. I want to help you out here so I require this information

Doc then passes the phone to his staff members.

staff: Yeah, the crackers are broken.

OP: I understand, and I am sorry that broken crackers ruined your party. Can you pass the phone back to the doctor so I can get the information.

Doc says “see I told you” then realizes I need the information and relents on giving it to me while going off on tangents about broken crackers. He continues to go on tangents while I attempt to get the barcode and manufacturing codes.

OP: (reads the response for broken crackers and how it typically happens in distribution which is out of our control) Normally, I reimburse for this issue, however; because you do not want to give me your information I will just forward this on to the marketing department

Doc: Well I would like reimbursement

OP: You stated that your information does not concern me so I have no problem not taking your information.

Doc: I’ll give you my information if I get a reimbursement

OP: Okay, your first and last name please.

Doc: (gives name while complaining about it)

OP: If you don’t give me your information then I don’t know who to set the reimbursement to. Now can I have your address.

Doc: why do I have to give my address?

OP: your reimbursement comes in the mail, I have to know where to send your reimbursement.

Doc puts me on speaker phone so the whole party can hear him as he has control of the situation. Doc gives address after humming and hawing if he should give the address to his practice or to his home. Then when the call is basically finished…

OP: Your reimbursement will arrive to you in 5 to 10 business days. Is there anything else I can help you with? (yes, we were required to ask that)

Doc: Yes, thank you for sending me a cheque (side not its a coupon but he did not know that) and sorry if I kept you from your break (he assumed that is why I tried to bring him into call flow)

OP: I am not late for my break. In fact I don’t get one for another hour yet.

Doc: Really, then why did you keep trying to get all this information (confused as to why I kept trying to redirect him into call flow)

OP: This is a simple call but sometimes people require extra time to retell their story so I gave it to you. Do you recall how you complained about the long wait at the beginning of the call.

Doc: Yes

OP: I just like to get to my other callers in a timely manner so they don’t have to wait.

All the staff in the background starts to laugh at him. Doc cuts off the speaker phone. Thanks me for the reimbursement coming in the mail and then hangs up after being looked like a fool.

tl;dr: Doctor calls toll free number to complain about broken crackers during a retirement party, keeps side tracking the call to show that he is control and is made to look like an idiot before he hangs up.

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