Angry Lady won’t let me speak

This happens a few days ago.

A call came in and I answer with the normal scripting “Thank you for calling Company Y, my name is d… she doesn’t let me finished.

She immediately starts yelling at me telling me to shut the fuck up and listen to her before I say a world. She goes off telling me how our company is terrible and using every curse word in the book towards me and the company. About half way she mentions the name of company X along with more fuck yous and fuck this company. I just let her continue since she told me to wait until she’s done.

So fast forward I’ve been getting yelled at for a good 15-20 minutes by this lady. Once she finally stops yelling I say. “Ma’am you mentioned Company X multiple times but we are Company Y I took the liberty of looking up their number for you, would you like me to transfer you?”

She hung up on me.

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Why doesn’t anyone speak American!!

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