Why do we even bother talking sometimes?

I swear no matter what I say, you’re just a robot and our words go straight through them. I work at a multinational bank in credit ops for multiple retail partners. My job is fraud verification.

Me: “I’m gonna place you on a brief, 2-3 minute hold while I verify, okay?”

Them: “Oh, does that mean you’re gonna call me back soon?”

Me: “I’m gonna send you a text to your cell phone, I just need you to read the 5 digit code back to me okay? Standard texting rates may apply.”

Them: “Oh are you emailing it to me? I don’t see it in my email yet, maybe it’s in the junk folder.”

Me: “You have a choice to make. Either the Retailer Visa Platinum, which you can use outside the store where Visa is accepted, or just the Retailer Store Card which you can only use at Retailer. Otherwise they’re exactly the same with the exact same promotions and exact same financing offers, there’s is literally no other difference”

Them: “Okay so what’s the difference?”


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