No exception before and none now

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Keeping things vague to make sure I’m not identified.

A little background. I take escalation calls for my company for any reason an escalation is needed (and a lot of times when it isn’t)

So this customer calls up asking for an exception for a device that is getting warm to be replaced. As verbatim as I can remember because I try to forget the verbatim because I have better things to put into brain storage. TL;DR at bottom.

Actors are as follows M: Me, EC: Entitled customer TA: Transferring Agent

M: Thank you for calling escalations my name is SiriusDarkblaze. Can I get your first name and call identifier information?

TA: Yes it’s, transferring agent and ID number.

M: Thanks. How can I help?

TA: So EC is calling in because he was promised an exception to replace his device but apparently previous agent failed to put it in.

M: (cue me researching and finding that call and other calls about previous denials.) Ok. Well I have found the case but I don’t see the approval. (Redacted for brevity) Go ahead and bring EC I’m over.

TA: Transfer script

M: Hello as they said I am SiriusDarkblaze in escalations. How can I help?

EC: Proceeds to tell me whole situation again

M: Thank you, I will look into that now. (Since I already did I can see the previous denials and find more extra information.)

M: I have looked over everything and I can’t grant an exception at this time because of past exception denials for this issue and a cracked display.

EC: My display isn’t cracked.

M: (getting a huge red flag now since there were notes from multiple people about a cracked display and getting it replaced outside of our network off centers will void any warranty on the device.) Well I do apologize sir but I’m unable to grant you an exception at this time.

EC: Well get me someone who can.

M: Alright sir I’m going to place you on hold for this time frame while I get someone.

M: Transfers EC to next agent who reiterates what I told him.

TL;DR: Entitled customer calls in to get an exception that wasn’t documented for a new device, has a magically fixed cracked display that had to be fixed outside of approved repair places and then wants us to replace the device without troubleshooting and with those modifications on it.

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