Health Insurance call center story time

I used to work in a health insurance market place. This call was just the last straw. We were not able to disconnect any calls, and we had to read several verbatim which triggered them.

Me: Thank you for calling _________, my name is _______, how can I help you today?

Woman: What is your name again? (Very high pitched voice)

Me: Yes, my name is_______ (I proceeded to spell it for her)

Woman: I don’t want to speak to you. You have a weird accent, and you speak way too fast.

Me: I apologies ma’am, I can speak slow, and I can repeat myself multiple times if you wanted me to.

Woman: Did you understand what I said?. I want to continue with someone who was born here. I don’t want you to help me.

Me: Ma’am I cannot transfer your call to someone else. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing a high call volume, and I don’t have an option to transfer your call at this moment. If you want, you can disconnect, and call us back again.

Woman: (At this point she got really frustrated) Are you freaking kidding me? You want me to call you people back? I have guests coming soon, and I have been waiting on this line for 20 minutes for one of your people to answer.

Me: I’m trying to help you ma’am but you don’t want me to.

Woman: Urrrghh FINE. I hate dealing with health insurance, but you people want us to call you every year for this stupid renewal process. Make sure you use the correct case. Last person I spoke with told me I have a duplicate one that you people opened without my permission (She delegated an agent, and the agent opened the other case for her because they get paid. It screws things for them and us though)

Me: I apologies for the inconvenience ma’am. This is a protocol. The federal government is requiring everyone who has an enrollment with _________. I can assure you than I can help you finalize everything completely.

Woman: *Sigh* (A very loud one)….At this point, I knew this call was not gonna end well.

Me: Can you please provide me your first and last name.

Woman: (Says her first and last name very fast, her last name was long and I have to spell it correctly for our system to navigate it)

Me: I didn’t get your last name, can you please spell it for me.

Woman: Starts laughing and spelled it for me.

Me: Thank you, can you please provide me your date of birth

Woman: Provides me date of birth.

Me: Ma’am, it looks like you’re not the primary on the account. Is ___________ available? I have to speak with him, authenticate him, and he needs to give me permission to continue with you.

Woman: (This is where she went berserk) You gotta be fucking kidding? Who the hell do you think you are? I’m the woman of the house and I take control of everything. My husband already gave me permission to call on his behalf and even if he didn’t why the hell is the account under his name?. Who gave you permission to make him a primary?

Me: Ma’am, this will be your first warning. If you continue to use that kind of language, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to disconnect the call. Second, we need to speak with the primary for security and privacy purposes. I also cannot share any information with you about the case unless I speak with the primary first. It is against state law.

Woman: (She was very over dramatic at this point) You act all tough hiding behind a phone. You people jump over the wall and steal our jobs, and then proceed to tell me what to do and what not to do. I’m not braking any laws. You’re not gonna tell me how to live in my OWN country.

Me: This will be your second and final warning. If you continue to speak to me this way. I’ll disconnect your call.

Woman: Go fuck yourself you son of a donkey.

Call got dropped on her side.

And with that ladies and gentleman was the day I quit that job lol.

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