When trying to make conversation backfires

I work at a call center for a local credit union. I actually enjoy my job for the most part and most of our members are polite and friendly, but like every call center job, we do have exceptions from time to time. I have pretty thick skin, but something about this call just nags at me.

It was my first call of the day – a woman wanting to transfer money between her accounts. Standard, easy request. We go through the ID and verification process, and I start to pull up her accounts. As I’m waiting for them to load, I hear a dog barking in the background.

Me, absently making conversation while loading her accounts: “oh, is that your dog?”

Her: …excuse me?

Me: oh, I just heard barking and it sounded like a dog ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Her: id like to focus on the money transfer instead of what’s going on in my house, please.

I’m a little nonplussed but hey if she’s not one for small talk then more power to her.

Me: absolutely! I apologise, I was just curious and figured I’d ask while I waited for your account to load in my system.

Her: …sure.

Me: okay, I’ve got you all pulled up, I’ll go ahead and pull the funds to transfer them over to -“

Her (interrupting): can you transfer me to someone else?

Me: … I’m sorry?

Her: Can you please transfer me to someone else who won’t ask about what’s going on in my house while I’m trying to do my banking?

Me: I do apologise, I didn’t mean to offend you… I can certainly transfer you back into the queue if you’d like.

Note: at this point, the queue is about 20 calls deep, maybe a 30-40 min wait.

Her: yeah please do that, I don’t want people asking what’s going on in my house.

So I transferred her back into the queue.

It’s weird… I’ve been yelled at, cursed at, etc., but for whatever reason this is what got to me. This is small potatoes compared to most of the stories on this sub, but I legit had to step away for a moment to shake myself off.

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