Totally not the kind of person who takes forever to do things.

A customer took a few minutes getting her card to make a payment, and kept fussing over how it was taking her too long. I reassured her that I have had customers who took 10 minutes getting basic info even high schoolers usually know.

“Really? Oh, I don’t want to be like them.”

She finally got her card out, and she did something I’ve never seen.

“0123.” chatter to person with her

“4567” chatter to person with her

“8910” chatter to person with her

“1112” chatter to person with her

Me: and what’s the expiration date?

“….16 21” chatter to person with her

Me: …I’m sorry? Did you say 6 21?

“16 21”

So not only could she not keep her focus for more than 4 digits, she was giving me an expiration date in a fictional month. I eventually got her to focus enough to give me an actual month, but the card still didn’t work, because she couldn’t figure out what her zip code is… and she still wasn’t fully sure what date she was trying to give me.

Then she spent a few more minutes claiming she was going to get another card, mentioned a nonexistent discount, suggested the first half of an obvious scam when I gave her an actual discount, then hung up when I explained why that scam wouldn’t work.

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