"I’m doing you guys a favor!"

I work for a car rental company as a specialist. Basically when a customer demands a supervisor I take the call. While I’m not officially a supervisor, I do get better tools to assist the customer.

This customer picked up his rental yesterday. It was a round trip, meaning that he needs to return the vehicle to the same location. Two hours after picking the car, his plans changed and he called to change the drop off location. While possible, the rate of the reservation would increase. Refusing to accept reality, the customer requested to speak with me, believing that I could honor the original rate. Oh joy…

H: HenriquesDumbCousin C: Customer

H: Thank you for calling Car Rental Company, my name is HenriquesDumbCousin, with whom do I have the pleasure to speak with?

C: Hello HenriquesDumbCousin, how are you doing?

H: I’m doing fine, thank you very much, and you?

C: Thank you for taking your time to take my call, I need some help.

H: Yes, of course sir, how can I assist you today?

At this point the customer tells me that he picked up the car in Dallas, TX. He was supposed to return it to that same location, but something happened (he never elaborated on that), and now needed to return the vehicle in Houston, TX.

H: I do see that the original rate of the reservation was 221 USD, but if I change the drop off location, the rate will increase to 306 USD

C: Yes… is there something that you can do about it?

H: I do apologize sir, but if you were to drop the vehicle at that location, the rate would increase, there’s nothing I can do about it.

C: But… like, I mean, I’m just dropping the car in a different location, it really doesn’t make any sense for the rate to increase.

H: I understand sir, again, I do apologize for the inconvenience, but making changes like this can make the rate increase.

At this point his tone starts to change.

C: But I’m on the website right now, if I pick up a car from Dallas to Houston it’s only 112 USD!

H: Yes, that’s if you make a new reservation sir, but I cannot transfer that rate to your already existing reservation.

C: This doesn’t make any sense, I need to speak with someone else, I need a supervisor.

H: … I’m a supervisor.

I suggested he could return his current rental back to Dallas, close the contract and get a new one, but unsurprisingly the customer refuses to take any responsibility, it needs to be resolved by us. We go back and forth for a few minutes.

C: This doesn’t make any sense, I’m doing you guys a favor by dropping the vehicle in another location!

H: … while we do appreciate the gesture, if you drop the vehicle in Houston, the rate will increase sir.


Customer hangs up

Like, I understand that plans change, but the fact that they refuse to take any responsibility or reflect that changes like this can affect the rate is baffling to me. He’ll probably end up calling Customer Service today or tomorrow, have the rate adjusted or get a coupon, ’cause you know, the customer is always right or something dumb like that.

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