Wanna know what I almost hate more than a Karen?

  1. Assigned seating because apparently we’re not old enough to sit where we want

  2. Useless prizes Yea I’m definitely gonna get the best stats for a slice of pizza or a bag of doritos thanks so much!

  3. Fake Positivity Yes Jack I’m soooooo happy to be working here with calls non stop…… Oh a bag of doritos for the most calls? Great motivation here

  4. Stop calling me out for having lowered stats when this girl next to me is on ACW and is sitting here talking

  5. Coworkers who gossip are so annoying. Yea talk about everyone in this office then expect me to help you or be nice when you say stuff behind my back? How about no and do your job

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"I need someone more energetic"

"No, YOU listen to me."